1. Where do you cheer?

Brandon Allstars

2. How old are you?


3. Where’s Brandon Allstars?

Brandon, Florida

4. Do you cheer for High School?

Yes, Varsity

5. Do you like your coaches?


6. Who’s your best friend?

Julianne Isabel, Danielle Pilcher, and Richie Lupino!

7. Trick Tumbling pass?

roundoff backhandspring tuck backhandspring step out roundoff backhandspring layout.

8. Stunt?

I’m a main base(:

9. How much do you weigh?

100 lbs.

10. How far away do you live from the gym?

20 minutes

11. If you could cheer for anyone else who would it be?

CEA Senior Elite, CA Cheetahs

12. Have you ever met Maddie Gardner?

Yes, she’s sweet if you talk to her within her meet and greet hours…

13. Do you lave any siblings?

2 sisters

14. Do you have a boyfriend?

Nope, It’s better that way(:

15. How many times are you at the gym a week?

Im the Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Sun. Wednesday is Church

16. Where do you get your makeup!?